L Blend Articulation Activity for Speech Therapy

Are you looking for a new l blend articulation activity to add to your speech therapy toolbox? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you found something that not only gave you high trials of target sounds but ALSO was unique and engaging?

I think this L blend articulation activity is going to do all of that and more. Keep reading and I will tell you all about it!

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty picky about my articulation activities. I tend to find worksheets boring. And I know that if I am bored, my students are bored. When my students are bored, they whine and get silly… You know what I am talking about.

Now you know this is not just another worksheet. True, there is a worksheet component, but the real gem here is the video.

Let me break down this l blend activity for you:

Part 1: The L blend video.

In the video, I pull out my blender, some L blend foods, and some L blend picture cards and I whip up an L blend smoothie. The video is LOADED with an auditory bombardment of L blends and opportunities for you to pause the video and practice some L blend words.

L blend articulation video activity

Part 2: The L Blend Articulation Activity

As you watch the video, you will want to have the companion worksheet. The video will prompt you to work through the worksheet with me as we make our L blend smoothie. The cutting and gluing will keep little hands engaged. It will also be a super easy homework activity for you to send home.

L blend articulation worksheet activity

Part 3: The Language Questions

I know that many of us are working in mixed groups. This is a tough reality, but I’ve got your back. For each picture on the blender worksheet, I have included a set of questions. This does two things. First, it engages your students who are working on language skills. Second, it gives your articulation students a chance to practice using their sounds in a less structured task. Voila! Now you have transformed what was originally an articulation activity, into a mixed group activity! Wohoo!

Where can I find it?

Here is the deal. The video is free on YouTube. Click here to check it out! Please use it as many times as you want. The worksheets are available here in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. If you like the idea of mixing videos and worksheets that were created to go together, you might also enjoy these sequencing activities. I made a video for 7 familiar routines and a companion worksheet to go with them!

You will also enjoy this freebie for Sn/Sm blends that follows a similar concept (We make s’mores pie! Yum!)

One more thing. I would LOVE to make more resources like this. If you think this is a cool idea, please share the video with your friends and be sure to follow me on YouTube. It doesn’t cost you anything, but your support allows me to grow the channel and serve you better!

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