SM Blends Free Speech Therapy Activity

Have you been hunting for some more free sm blends speech therapy activities? I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am always running through articulation activities. I also am always looking for new and unique articulation activities. If they are free, that is even better!

My desire to keep my articulation activities fresh for me and my students led me to this new idea. It occurred to me that students love anything with YouTube. They will literally watch YouTubers squishing play dough for goodness sakes! If they will watch that, maybe I can make some sort of activity that will mix up our sessions.

An idea for an “sm” blend speech therapy activity struck me. What says “sm” blends more than s’mores?! They are fun and tasty and students LOVE them. I knew I wanted a s’mores theme, but I wasn’t sure how to turn that idea into a functional and high-quality activity.

Here is the “sm” blend activity I came up with:

  1. I made a s’mores pie. Then, I hid some /sm/ and /sn/ blends pictures inside the pie.
  2.  Next, I dig through the pie and pull out target words. As I am digging, you pause the video so your students can practice the word and glue it on their worksheet.
  3. Send the worksheet home for homework. Easy peasy!
free sm and sn blend activity for speech therapy

I know that at first glance this looks like an articulation-only activity. BUT IT ISN’T! I tried to be strategic as I created this resource to make it work for mixed groups. I have included a set of language prompts to help you use this with both articulation students and language students.

If you want to try this “sm” blends activity out, I want to give it to you!

You can just click this link and I will send you a free copy of the worksheet. If you think this idea of a video-worksheet activity has merit, I actually have an entire collection of these videos.

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