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Unique Books and Free Activities For Preschool Speech Therapy

I love to read books with my preschool speech therapy students. We all do, right? I also love to make the books meaningful by creating an engaging companion activity to go with it! I am not talking about a companion worksheet. These kiddos need movement, fun, and silliness! Keep reading and I will share my favorite books and free (ish) activities to do with your preschool speech therapy students!

Oh No! Poo-Poo!” by Jennie Bjorem M.A. CCC-SLP.

preschool speech therapy following directions activity

What preschool student doesn’t love poop…and chocolate? This will soon become a classic combo you will love to pull out again and again! This book is great for targeting CVCV words, imitating sentences, answering “where” questions, following directions, and working on location words!

Activity Ideas

  • Read the story. It is fun to have the student put the chocolate “poop” on the picture of the poop in the book.
  • Answer questions like “Where is the poop?”
  • Hide the “poop” around the room and look for it while practicing location words.
  • Practice CVCV words or imitating sentences
  • Eat the “poop”!!!

Oh No! Pee-Pee!” by Jennie Bjorem M.A. CCC-SLP.

This book is similar to “Oh No! Poo Poo!”, but this story features a dog who tinkles everywhere! This one will be another great hit to add to your arsenal of speech materials! This book is great for targeting CVCV words, imitating sentences, answering “where” questions, following directions, and working on location words!`

Activity Ideas

  • Read the story.
  • Answer questions like “Where is the pee pee?”
  • Make a dog or other stuffed animal “pee pee” around the room. Use this to target location words or answering questions
  • Practice CVCV words or imitating sentences
  • Have fun being silly!

Don’t Push The Button” by Bill Cotter

This book is such. a. treat. Your preschool students will enjoy “breaking rule” as they push the buttons and follow the directions in these books. There are actually several of these books so you can pull them out for different seasons! There is the original, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. These books are great for following directions, thematic vocabulary, and using/understanding the exclusionary word “not”.

Activity Ideas

  • Read the story.
  • Practice following the directions in the story.
  • Practice giving and following directions that contain the exclusionary word “not”.
  • Set up a pair or row of objects. Give the instruction “I need you to pick one of these toys. Don’t pick the _______”.

Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books

Thematic books for speech therapy

You may have heard of these. But on the off chance you haven’t, I would be remiss to not share them with you. Karen Katz has created an entire series of interactive books that your students will love exploring. She has one for vehicles, pets, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Valentines, body parts, bath time, zoo animals, feelings, fall, winter, summer, and spring. So if you use any of these themes, with your preschool students, be sure to check these out! These books are great for targeting: thematic vocabulary, answering “where” and “what” questions, answering yes/no questions, and location words.

Activity Ideas

  • Read the story. It is a quick read, so it is good for an intro activity or a review activity!
  • Practice answering the questions in the story.
  • Choose an object based on the theme of your story (i.e. pumpkin, turkey, eggs, valentine, car, etc.) Hide the object around the room and look for it. This activity is great for practicing “where” questions and location words!

Also-if you do happen to be looking for printable activity companions to go with these books, I have created one for Easter, Valentines, and Halloween!

Are you looking for other unique and engaging activities to use with your books in your preschool speech therapy sessions? Be sure and check out this page for more great ideas! (that don’t require you to buy anything from TpT ūüėČ)

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Fall Books For Speech Therapy

Unique fall books and activities for speech therapy

The fall season seriously has all the best speech therapy books, don’t you agree? 

A lot of people will post their favorite fall books on IG and send them in newsletters, so I am hoping to share some books with you that maybe you have haven’t seen yet. I also want to tell you why I love them! They will all be linked to Amazon so you can grab them if they look intriguing to you. Let’s go! 

Here we go, my favorite fall books and activities for speech therapy!

Full of Fall by April Pulley Sayre-good for: upper elementary students working on vocabulary, describing pictures, discussing fall

There are two reasons I am recommending this book. The first is the pictures. They hug your soul and make you feel like you are hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, not just reading a book. The second is the vocabulary. She uses very simple sentence structure, but gracefully weaves in unusual vocabulary. This a perfect way to scaffold learning new words for those students who have difficulty learning language.

Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie¬†by Herman Parish- good for: mid-upper elementary, idioms, figurative language, describing words, story elements, story retell, multiple meaning words.

Oh this book makes my SLP heart so happy! First of all, it is STUFFED with idioms and figurative language. The author also uses interesting vocabulary and bright pictures. I could literally make this book last an entire month if I wanted to. However, none of that is my favorite thing about this book.

Speech Therapy fall themed books and activities

The BEST THING about this book is‚ĶHAVING A PIE PARTY with your students!!! When I read this book for the first time, I learned many of my students had never eaten the heavenly concoction that is pie! I HAD to remedy that. When I do this, I bring an apple and a pumpkin pie. Each student gets a sliver of each. We use describing words, we compare/contrast, we draw, we write, we graph‚Ķbut most importantly we have FUN while I get the pleasure of sharing a new life experience with many of my students. I know COVID might make this a little bit tricky this year, but maybe you can get creative and figure out a way to make this work. Or at least tuck this idea away in your toolbox to use another time! 

Pumpkin themed books…

Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman- good for: younger students, Halloween themed vocabulary, story retell, predicting, having fun!

This is a peppy Halloween themed book. This book is perfect for students with language difficulties because it is full of repetitive text that builds on itself. We all know that repetition is the key to learning! It has a catchy flow that it makes it enjoyable for your students to listen to and keeps it fun for you to read, even after the 1000th time‚Ķ . There is also a companion song which you can listen to here.

Where is Baby’s Pumpkin/¬†Where Is Baby’s Turkey¬†by Karen Katz- good for: preschool and toddler students, targeting location words, answering “what” and “where” questions, thematic vocabulary.

These books are perfect for the littlest ones on your caseload. They are short, have lift-the-flaps, and use simple vocabulary. They are a fun way to introduce holiday vocab and target ‚Äúwhere‚ÄĚ questions and prepositions. 

Preschool fall themed speech therapy books

        When I teach this, I introduce/reinforce the vocab from the book with real pictures and then after we read the story, we ‚Äúhide‚ÄĚ a pumpkin/turkey around the classroom. So fun. So perfect for those friends that need to get those wiggles out! You can check out the book companion I created for “Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin”, here.

How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow? by Wendall Minor- good for: elementary age (maybe middle school), synonyms, creative thinking/writing, learning about our world.

This book will pull  creativity and imagination out of your students while they learn synonyms for the word ‚Äúbig” and discover new places around the world. In this story, the author has the reader imagine how big a pumpkin could grow. Then, the vivid pictures depict a giant pumpkin as it travels around the U.S. 

       When I teach this, we read the book and discuss all of the different synonyms for the word big. (I have some worksheets to help you with this, if you are interested.) Then, the next session, we go back through the book and use YouTube videos to explore and discuss all of the places that the pumpkin traveled in the book. Our favorites were always the pumpkin regatta and hot air balloon festival! Then, for the last session, we get creative! We draw/write/discuss a fun place to imagine a giant pumpkin. 

If you loved these ideas, be sure to check out this page for more of my unique speech therapy book recommendations!

I would love to know, do you use these fall themed books in speech therapy already? What are your favorite books to use in the fall? Drop me a comment below and let’s talk about it! 

Preschool Activities

Engaging Fall Articulation Activity For Preschoolers

Fall Articulation Activity

Wouldn’t it be nice if your preschool students had an engaging fall themed activity where¬†they learned new, salient, vocabulary¬†while¬†they work on their articulation?¬†

Be honest, have you ever looked at a deck of articulation cards and wondered how many of the words the child actually knows? Particularly those little friends who are not only speech delayed, but language delayed as well?

Now, tell me if this scenario sounds familiar to you: You are working with a preschool student. He (or she) is unintelligible and has many phonological processes. He also has language delays and needs to learn new vocabulary. OH, AND HE CAN’T SIT STILL‚Ķbecause, I mean, he is in PRESCHOOL‚Ķ

Have you experienced this? Are you bored of using the same articulation cards with words that aren’t even relevant to this child’s life?

I have already created a set of preschool themeatic vocabulary activities that I love. But they just won’t cut it for my kiddos that need articulation support as well.

So, to solve this particular problem, I have created a set of fall themed vocabulary + articulation/phonological process + task cards. Basically, I’ve upgraded your standard artic card.

Here is how to do this fall themed activity.

1.) Pick the targets that aligns with your student‚Äôs speech goals. Print, cut, and laminate those cards. You can store them on a binder ring, or they fit nicely into these task card boxes from Michael’s.

2.) Take some time to teach your student about the vocabulary words on his/her cards. Look at pictures, videos, and discuss the words. This is important, because, as the student hears them in class or at home in the upcoming months, s/he will be familiar with them! 

3.) Follow the steps on the cards. Have your student move a clothespin as you complete each step on the right hand side of the card. In the first step, you will model the word for your student. I would do this maybe 5x or so.

Fall Themed Articulation Task Cards

Move the clothes pin down, this is the fun section! Have your student touch the circle as he/she says the sound. I would do this at least 5x for each word so that you can get in as many trials as possible.

Fall Preschool Articulation Activity

You could also use pom poms, play dough, dry erase markers, or paint dabbers to mix things up. These fine motor activities are really great for kiddos who need to keep moving their hands!

Finally, move the clip to the last step. In this step the student practices saying the word as independently as possible.

Preschool Fall Speech Therapy Articulation Activity

This articulation activity is awesome because, once your student is familiar with the process, you can review and practice all fall long. They make a great warm up or exit activity for your speech therapy sessions!

These cards do all the things a good speech therapy resource does:

  • Target multiple goals
  • Support different styles of learning
  • Are evidence based
  • Engage little learners
  • Provide a lot of visuals!

I am so excited to have this fall articulation activity for the preschoolers in my life. If you need them in your life, you can find them in my TpT store!

P.S. Did you know I have a YouTube Channel where I share my best tips and tricks for teaching social communication skills? Be sure and check out my list of videos before you leave!