Videos For Sequencing Activities in Speech Therapy

Using videos to teach sequencing in your speech therapy sessions can be a game changer. After all, who doesn’t love live action videos that teach a familiar sequence?

Unfortunately, if you have searched for videos that focus on these skills, you have probably realized that good ones are hard to find. These videos are usually too long, or too wordy, or they don’t match the picture cards you were wanting to use. So what makes a good video to teach sequencing?

In my opinion, the best sequencing videos to use in speech therapy should contain the following:

  1. Simple language
  2. Actions that clearly show the task at hand
  3. Content that is to the point and not too lengthy.
  4. Ideally, the video and your picture cards should line up to help your student visualize the sequence in multiple contexts.

I love teaching sequencing. It is a foundational skill for both reading, language, social skills. For years I pieced together visuals and videos until I had this lightbulb moment. What if I made my own worksheets and videos that were created to be perfectly matched?

Let me tell you what I did and how it is going to save you so much time and energy.

  1. I made these worksheets for 7 familiar routine-sequences. Each worksheet contains picture visuals and some prompts that go along with the routine. (insert picture of resource)
  2. Now here is the genius part. I made a series of videos for each sequence. Each video was created to go perfectly with each worksheet. They are simple and to the point, which is perfect for students just learning to retell routines.
sequencing activities for speech therapy

The best thing is that the videos are free on YouTube. You can easily choose to use them without the worksheets if that’s your jam. Here they are if you want to check them out!

1.) How to Make Cereal

2.) How to Make a Sandwich

3.) How to Brush Your Teeth

4.) How to Wash Dishes

5.) How to Do Laundry

6.) How to Wash the Dog

7.) How to Make a Pizza

Of course, they will be most effective when paired with the visuals, which you can grab on TpT.

If you love this idea of pairing real-life videos with speech therapy you will love this Sm/Sn blends freebie! We practice our s blends while making a s’mores pie! Yum!

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