YouTube Videos For Speech Therapy

YouTube videos for speech therapists

I am here to support and encourage you with these YouTube videos created specifically for speech therapy! I am here to encourage you and I also share my best teaching tips, tricks, and strategies for teaching social communication skills! Be sure to subscribe to Jessica- The Gift of Gab on YouTube so you get access to new vids right when they drop!

Be sure and check out this video if you have ever found teaching friendship skills in speech therapy intimidating! I share my best tips and tricks for teaching this fundamental skill!
Let me share my best tricks for teaching conversation skills in speech therapy!
Are you teaching this potentially LIFE SAVING skill? In this video we talk about what power relationships are, why they are important, and how to teach them!
In this YouTube video I explain the 7 areas of nonverbal communication and define them. I will also give you some activities and suggestions for actually TEACHING this fundamental social communication skill in your speech therapy groups TODAY!
Have you ever wondered what EXACTLY makes up this crazy thing called Social Communication? In this YouTube video I explain it all by giving you a definition AND examples. Grab something to take notes with and let’s go!

Are you confused about what makes Autism different than social communication disorder? In this video I break it all down for you!