Speech Therapy Grammar Activities

When I first started in this field, I thought speech therapy grammar activities were just rote drills of pictures on cards. Around this same time, I also remember being amazed by the number of my students who struggled with “little words”.

You know the ones I am talking about – has/have/hadwas/wereis/aretime prepositions

The grammatical rules for these “little words” are pretty complex, which can make them REALLY tricky to teach. Be honest, can you quickly recite the rules for the time prepositions off the top of your head? I couldn’t either.

Most of our speech therapy grammar activities for these skills focus more on drilling and less on teaching foundational skills.

When I was brand new, I didn’t even know how to categorize or define some of these words. I hated walking into a session and the only way I knew to “teach” or “target” these words was to recast utterances over and over again.

While drilling is great for practice, it is not a good place to begin your teaching journey. There are many concepts that your student must understand BEFORE they can use these “little words”. Concepts such as “past/present/future” and “singular/plural”. If you don’t teach these first, you are just wasting everyone’s time.

I was craving strategy and structure. Which is why I had to sit down and create this speech therapy grammar activity bundle. It contains step-by-step teaching guides for the following grammatical structures:

Do you have a student who struggles with “little words”? Do you even know where to start teaching these tiny, troublesome words? These speech therapy grammar activities are for you.

speech therapy activities for strategically teaching grammar skills

I did all the heavy lifting for you! Now you too will be able to quickly recite the rules for using these little words! Have fun teaching confidently!

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