Famous People Who Stutter Video Clips

Having a go-to list of video clips of famous people who stutter will make your life so much easier. Do yourself a favor and just bookmark this page now. Your future self will thank you.

Earlier this year, I created these exit tickets to educate my students about stuttering. They include things like facts about stuttering, famous people who stutter, and growth mindset quotes that specifically relate to stuttering

As I was working through these tickets, I noticed that one of my students was enjoying learning about famous people who stutter. I enjoyed trying to find clips where the famous person talked about stuttering or had a few disfluencies. Watching the videos was a fun way that we could practice identifying types of disfluencies. I will share them here so you and I can both have them all in one place!

Here is my best compilation of famous people who stutter videos!

Here is a list of videos of famous people who stutter

Adrian Peterson: Former NFL Player

In this video, Adrian Peterson talks about his stutter. I love that the main focus of this video is him overcoming stuttering. I also love that Adrian has some easy to hear disfluencies. This makes him more relatable to younger students and is great for practicing the identification of stuttered disfluencies.


George Springer: MLB Player

Just like the video with Adrian Peterson, the focus is all about George Springer overcoming his stutter. He also openly stutters in this video.

Wayne Brady: Comedian and Actor

If you listen carefully you can hear Wayne Brady stutter a few times in this video.

Joe Biden: President of The United States

This video doesn’t focus too much on President Biden. It does show some really great interviews of other people who stutter. (i.e. a child, a news reporter, and a politician)

Emily Blunt: Actress

Emily talks a lot about her stutter in this video including what causes it to flair up as an adult.

James Earl Jones: Actor

Skip ahead to 3:00 to get to the part where Jones talks about his stutter!

Ed Sheeran: Musician

Ed Sheeran discusses what he feels causes his stutter and also shares some encouraging words about being different. He also stutters a few times in the video. (He does talk about being “weird” so you may want to watch this one to make sure it is a good fit for your student).

Shaquille O’Neal: Basketball Player and Entrepreneur


Skip to 4:33 to watch the section on stuttering. Additionally, O’Neal discusses that he feels seeing a picture of Halle Berry cured his stutter-so be prepared to discuss this with your students!

King George VI: King of England

This is not an exhaustive list, but it should get you started. Additionally, as these videos are in the public domain, they may be removed after I create this post!

Ken Sema, Professional Soccer Player

This is for all the kiddos who want to be professional soccer/football players one day! Ken Sema openly stutters in this video. It is great for identifying disfluencies and talking about how your stutter doesn’t define your dreams.


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