Fall-Themed Articulation Reading Passages

What screams fall to you? Crisp autumn air…melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin muffins…fall-themed articulation reading passages? Yes, you read that right! If fall-themed articulation reading passages don’t make you think of fall, well my friend, you need to keep reading.

Fall themed speech therapy articulation activities

Now that I’ve got your attention, I bet you are wondering: “What is so great about these reading passages?” I am so glad you asked!

First, you need to know that I worked my booty off making sure these articulation reading passages were absolutely perfect. They target the later developing sounds, making them perfect for about 2nd grade up. Maybe even first grade if you have a really strong reader!

Fall themed articulation reading passages

Second, each passage is crammed full of target words for each sound. I spent hours combing word lists and wracking my brain so you get all of the practice with none of the work!

Finally, there are prompts and questions on the side of the page to help you know exactly how to use these passages. The prompts also make it super easy for parents to use these reading passages at home.

And of course, all of these articulation reading passages focus on a super-fun fall theme. Who doesn’t love that?!

Now you are dying to know how these passages work, right? Let me tell you!

  1. Choose the sound/sounds your students are working on. Print off that page.
  2. Read the passage to your students. Have your students highlight each word they hear that has their target sound. This is great for practicing auditory discrimination.
  3. Have your students practice saying those target words they just highlighted.
  4. Now, help your students read the passage. Again, pay attention to those target words!
  5. Flip the paper over. Listen to your students retell the story from memory. Make sure they are still using those target sounds correctly!
  6. Answer the prompts/questions on the side of the page. This helps your students practice using his/her sound at the conversation level.
Fall themed articulation activities

Were you able to spot my strategy? Can you see how each step builds on itself so that your student is slowly increasing the difficulty of the task at hand? I promise every inch of these reading passages was carefully thought out.  

If you already have my original articulation reading passages, these follow the same concept. The only difference is that there is only one reading passage per sound and each passage was written with a fun autumn theme. If you love this idea, you can also grab the bundle. The bundle has the original passages, the summer version, the R Loaded version, and the fall version at a discount!

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